Cambium Oncology LLC (“CO”), founded in January 2018, is a pre-clinical start-up focused on developing and commercializing new immuno-oncology therapeutics that target a novel checkpoint pathway. The company has licensed a patented technology from Emory University to use inhibitory peptides designed against immuno-suppressive vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) to cause both in vitro and in vivo activation and proliferation of T cells. Administration of VIP-antagonist peptides trigger a robust cytotoxic T-cell mediated immune response in tumor-bearing animals that resulted in reduction of tumor size and increase in
survival time. Treatment with a lead peptide (VIP-ANT008) candidate significantly improved anti-tumor activity in animals with pancreatic cancer, melanoma and leukemia. The company is working to raise series A funding to proceed to the next stages of drug discovery and development using VIP antagonists against pancreatic cancer, a $4 billion indication that is in need of efficacious and safe therapeutics.